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Julien – les fichiers placés directement dans le repertoire
scripts/anstype/ sont bien lus. La non-lecture des fichiers dans
log/classes/1234/ est peut-être pour des raisons de sécurité, ou
peut-être c’est une particularité des droits d’accès ou de chemin
dans mon installation de wims.

Joke – I agree – the range and precision parameters should be able to
reduce the chance of a wrong function being marked correct to a very
small value – my guess is a probability of around 1e-15 or so. Since
the error is in favour of the student, this should be a safe error margin. 🙂

However, a warning: something in an anstype file of the form `!exec
maxima some_operation_A(reply$i) = …` is likely to fail if the
maxima operation literally contains underscores. I don’t know if this
is a bug or a security feature. Further discussion would probably best
go at
and if the consensus is that it’s a bug, then probably it should be
filed at https://sourcesup.renater.fr/scm/?group_id=379 (Maybe an
exception to the « refuse underscores » rule could be made for maxima
built-in functions, that are trusted to be safe? or a wims parameter
that lists allowable maxima functions whose symbols include
underscores could be definable in wims.conf?)

Thanks to both of you for the fast responses.