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Maître des clés

A normal table has exactly the same problem. I saw it in oef exercises
where the answer is given in a table : In fact exactly the example !
(it is perhaps a bog of the browser, here firefox. Does not occur with safari,
on chrome, there is no mathml).


The source is

<math xmlns="" display="inline"><mstyle id="wims_mathml242463" mathsize="120%"><mi>x</mi><mo>+</mo><mstyle displaystyle="true"><mfrac><mrow><mn>1</mn></mrow><mrow><mn>2</mn></mrow></mfrac></mstyle></mstyle></math>	= 
<input size="20" name="reply1" value=""  />
</td></tr>	</table>	

<math xmlns="" display="inline"><mstyle id="wims_mathml944784" mathsize="120%"><mi>x</mi><mo>+</mo><mn>5</mn><mo>+</mo><mstyle displaystyle="true"><mfrac><mrow><mn>1</mn></mrow><mrow><mn>2</mn></mrow></mfrac></mstyle></mstyle></math>	= 

<input size="20" name="reply1" value=""  />

</td></tr>	</table>