WIMS EDU non-profit (en)

For several years now we have been working on the development of  the WIMS (Web Interactive Multipurpose Server) software created by Xiao Gang, professor at the University of Nice, France. Because this software is open source, it is constantly being upgraded by teacher developers. Currently, users and developers can exchange information easily on our discussion forum and via our mailing list, and regular training sessions are organised.
We decided to found WIMS EDU at the 2nd Internation WIMS Conference in Nice (9-11th May, 2007) in order to create a legal platform for our interests as users of WIMS.
Our association’s  aim is to unite all efforts in the usage of WIMS in the world of education at all levels and in various subject matters.
Via WIMS we wish to:
–    provide a platform where everyone can share his skills and knowledge;
–    be more visibly represented among other groups of users and developers of teaching:learning materials;
–    to inform organizations and individuals who require information about WIMS and its use;
–    to debate on and influence the directions its development should take by supporting  selected projects;
–    create  dynamic and collaborative group work via a website;
–    inventory, support and inform users of training sessions.

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