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Mathjax is indeed very good looking and truly cross browser/platform !

There is however a  few small drawbacks: you will need >75mb of fonts installed on your wims server (lots of  overhead on small systems) or you must make use of some global « mathjax » fontservers for supplying runtime the fonts needed, Which implies your exercises being 100% dependant on an other server not under your control.

And you may expect serious trouble when using Mathjax for drag and drop exercises within wims… 

But it's all a matter of time for the other browsers to support MsthML natively

(eg HTML5)


Chrome does not currently provide native rendering of MathML. Without

supplemental support, mathematical content is often indecipherable.

Chrome (like Safari) is based on the WebKit open source project. Hence,

Chrome — with regard to MathML rendering — is usually similar to Safari. Since Apple released Safari 5.1 with WebKit’s MathML implementation enabled, it is reasonable to assume Chrome will acquire mathML support in the not too distant future. However,

Google has not publicly announced its intentions in this matter. As of Chrome beta release 16.0.912.63, MathML support has not been enabled in Chrome

 As an aside, the current iOS version of Chrome (formally known as the Google app) supports MathML. The system libraries used by applications on iOS 5 to implement browsing shipped with MathML browser support enabled; hence, iOS versions of Chrome provide MathML support.

See Section 5.1 for further discussion of MathML support in iOS 5.

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