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      As of version 4.06 of WIMS the « Lessons and References » , starting from docderiv.fr ( for ex: http://wims.unice.fr/wims/wims.cgi?session=LY8BABE8FF.8&+lang=en&+module=U1%2Fanalysis%2Fdocderiv.fr) are in French language. It will be useful to have the .en versions of the sixty odd lessons. If I were to make translations of any of these lessons how do I submit it to the repository?

      Depuis la version 4.06 de WIMS les « Leçons et Références », à partir de docderiv.fr sont en langue française. Il sera utile d’avoir les versions salle des soixante leçons impairs.. Si je devais faire des traductions de l’une de ces leçons comment puis-je le soumets au référentiel?

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      You are welcome to translate these documents. The only thing is that we are trying to make them more W3C compatible. So please tell us before beginning the translation (I just republish U1/analysis/docderiv.fr today !).
      For exercises, if it is easy/possible, we try also to transform the exercise modules in multilanguage one.
      For any questions about the way to translate, you can send a message to translation at wimsedu.info
      Have you a modtool account on some wims server (for example at Nice) ?
      The better way is to copy the module you want to translate in this account (check that it
      is the really last version by looking also at other servors as wimsauto.di.u-psud.fr).
      Change the name by changing the extension fr in en .
      When it is finished, you can ask to translation at wimsedu.info to check. That is for the first times. After, if everything is OK, you will be able to publish the translation alone.

      – ask us if the module is ready (html)
      – copy in modtool and translate it
      – send it to us



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